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The journey of life is filled with ups and downs. We give up at times and don’t feel like continuing is most challenging to still tread on the path, you struggle but you keep moving ahead. Anything that is worth achieving will not come easy! 


quote on lifeThe journey of life is filled with ups and downs. We give up at times and don’t feel like continuing is most challenging to still tread on the path, you struggle but you keep moving ahead. anything that is worth achieving will not come easy! 

Girl and cage

What do you do when you feel everything is working against you? you have the will but don’t have the courage to go out and face all obstacles. what must you do then?


Keep moving, keep doing efforts for what you seek is worth every bit of your time and emotions. Self is the most complex of all beings to fully understand. why I say so because we often take ourself discovery for granted and that’s one of the reasons you hear about many late bloomers who only understand what they want later in life. So, many celebrities, public figures go through self-discovery much later in life and haven’t you and me been in awe of their achievements. Once you understand yourself fully, Sky is the limit for your reach.

Intrapersonal skills are not rare, but are rarely used by most to the optimal level. when you know about your own strengths you can channelize your skills in the right direction and make utmost use of your precious gift. Gift of knowledge about ones innermost unique abilities is exceptional and only you yourself can pass this on to ‘you’.

Are you ready for that, then consider reading success mantra 101:

  • Spend one hour daily with only yourself, this could be excercise, meditation, listening to calming music anything you do for yourself.

    Spiritual practice

  • jot down what you think you can do, and what you think you can’t do in terms of skills set, activities etc.

    Business man drawing a block diagram plan

    • Challenge yourself to try out the ones you think you can never do.

      • watercolor yoga
  • Pamper yourself in some way daily.


  • Learn a new skill you always wanted.

    Businessman doing a hit arrow target practice

  • Reason out failure. 


  • Maintain a journal about yourself.
  • Sing for yourself.

    Singing young woman with microphone pop art vector

  • Explore  your repressed feelings.


  • Draw your self and have a good look at how you see yourself vs others!

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Detox recipe: For your relationship!

Sheril, creative head at Lovexpresso( Psychology)

 Relationships are like our body in many ways, if you just think about this analogy you will agree with me. what you put in has its effects on its functionality! Like we take care of our bodies by exercising, eating sensibly, keeping our routine in check etc similarly our relationships are in need of care all the time, not something we can overlook and let it run on Auto-pilot.

So, what is required you ask? Should I always be singing love songs or dancing around saying I love you to my partner, keep sending flowers, gifts to them perhaps? Although none of these is a bad idea, these are not the only things your other half is asking from you. ‘Undivided attention’ to what they have to say, perhaps makes a better gift!

But are we doing that enough? let us discuss some of the toxins like when we are on a fitness plan and do a No carbs only fruits diet (our detox day)😉 Similarly Detox for relationships can make them a bit more healthier.

Identifying toxins in a relationship:

1) Digital overload

2) Work-life imbalance

3) Selective hearing

4) Criticism and ridicule: One or both people constantly criticize and put the other person down. …

5)Lack of communication. …

6)Loss of emotional intimacy. …

7)Disengagement. …

8)Passive aggressive behavior. …

9)Inability to forgive. …

10)Codependent behavior. …

11)Substance abuse.

12) Lack of respect

13) Low physical intimacy

14)Keeping secrets/Dishonesty with partner

Although there are some other factors involved as well, here we are just discussing the ones we have control over or are directly related to the couples own habits.

Recipe for detox:

Now let us come to the things we can do to improve our relationships with the love of our lives💖

Things you can start doing today:

1) Digital Detox Day🚫- Decide on a mutually agreeable day and time( could be as little as one hour of a gadget-free zone)

   In order to reap the maximum benefits of this detox recipe, we need to have a full planner for our detox days  ( which I’ll be sharing soon)

2) Create a balance between work life👨‍🏫 and love-life😘

3)Your Attention and engagement in partners conversation make them calmer and they feel cared for.

4) Resolve Negative feelings: No one likes to stay in a constant war zone!

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Life through the eyes of a 5 year old

Everything seems new, everything seems naive such are my eyes that I only see ‘nice’. Rainbows make it to all my drawings, I love it when it rains, I love it when it shines!


            I Like to do what makes me happy, I sing my own songs and create new melodies..

                                    my day is full of discoveries some I like,

                                                    some I don’t.

               i keep my life simple with one rule -that there are no rules !!

            i wonder at times why is it hard for others to be so carefree, or is it me who is

                                                 taking it slow??

i don’t see any dangers around me, for me, it’s either easy or not so easy.

                 things keep going the same way if I don’t do my own way.

i can catch the rain and cover the sunshine if only my hands were too big

                                        I could touch the sky!

No worries bother me enough to not play and dance. Isn’t childhood the best part of who we are?

My songs are so sweet, they could melt stones. My voice is so enchanting I seldom get past unnoticed.

Colours not one but all make my life bright. i love my rainbows, they remind me of hope through rain and always bring Sunshine ………………………

So, I don’t want to grow up, not now.. not now. No need to rush, my imaginations are yet to strike. i like it this way..when all I need is mum and her arms to make me forget about any broken toys or a bad school day!

Mompreneur: how they do it all

Women, in general, are multi-tasking every day around you and me. I think of my mother when I think of multi-taskers. I respect her for all that she managed at home and outside while raising us.

what sets women who are mothers and also running their own business apart is their sheer determination to do it all! In this fast-paced competitive world, these ‘sheroes’ are everywhere around us, making a real difference in your life and mine.

when an opportunity came up for me to do the same, I just couldn’t turn my back on it. I like to take up work that motivates me and has an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life at the same time. I felt strongly about teaching students with special needs when I began my career some 10 years back and I took it up even when at that time there wasn’t much awareness about my field of work and quality work was just getting started and I contributed my skills for it. It is a different case altogether this time around though since I’m entering totally new territory being a sole proprietor of my business which also aims at making a positive change in people’s life.

I look up to all the women in business who have been there and done it all especially to those who achieved without much help. One sees a lot of groups on social media of like-minded professionals these days and it is immensely motivating to read success stories. but what all goes behind the success is what you realize when you start to establish your own business. what are the real factors influencing women all around us to get out there and try out every possibility to build up their careers more than ever before is something to think about.

  • Self-reliance.
  • Financial stability.


  • Role Models for kids.


  • Own identity. 


  • Breaking away from clichés 


  • The thrill of achievement.


  • Sharing unique perspective and talent.


I hope to follow the trail of inspirational women all around me, and lets see how far I can reach. share your views with me about this and lets discuss!


5 things to do differently on your date!

A little change here and there helps to break away from monotony in most routine things we do, same goes for date nights. it is supposed to be the fun one to one quality time we look forward to with our beloved partner but at times just the movie and dinner routine outside (even at a fancy place you go to) can become predictable and boring. 



cute couple

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So here are some quirky ideas to brighten up your date nights:


  • Skip the flower bouquet routine swap with a handwritten floral note instead convey your feelings, something you have missed out on saying to your partner and surprise them. hint: message in a bottle could be sweet.
  • Go for stargazing together, visit the nearest planetarium that could be something interesting. 
  • Cooking a meal together from scratch and setting up the table might not seem interesting but it does encourage conversation and partnership which is fundamental to date night anyway!
  • Include a fun card game in your date it could lead to other interesting things later on, who knows. 
  • Bank your love notes to each other after each date. It will be really nostalgic by the time you read it at the end of the year. just think about it. 

Always seal it with a kiss! now, this doesn’t need any change

Benefits of dating at home!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Dating your partner later in your relationship is as important if not more as it was at the beginning of your relationship. Though most of us try to catch up, it is not always feasible to specially go out every time. This becomes trickier post kids leaving little or no extra time for the couple to go on a date outside the home. So, what do you do to manage this? hire babysitters once in a while, take help from family members, but is it always possible? probably not. Here comes importance of home dates.

Dating at home is often left unexplored or underutilized where monotony sets in easily if key factors are ignored. what drives a relationship is, of course, your love for each other and mutual respect.But it does require some nurturing every once in a while which requires time and effort. it becomes a bit easier if you don’t have to go out each time you think of spending quality time with each other and dating at home comes as a very plausible option.

let’s discuss what are the most overlooked benefits of home dating:

  • Saves you travelling time.
    who likes to get stuck in traffic after an already tiring day at work/home. when you know you have to only get back home to celebrate your special time together you arrive relaxed just by the thought of it. Doesn’t that set the mood right from the beginning of your date?
  • Privacy
    Your home is as cosy as it can get when it comes to enjoying your date in complete privacy. you don’t have to care about what others around might think of your actions or gestures for your loved one.
  • Cost-effective
    why spend extra money on travelling, bookings etc if better can be done at home. you can make a meal together or order food from your favourite take away and focus on more important things like each other. isn’t that a big plus.
  • Endless possibilities

    If you are a little bit creative or thoughtful about your date nights a lot can be achieved with little effort. you can explore a lot of possibilities with respect to interesting couple bonding activities.
  • Flexibility
    you can do the planned activities at your own convenient time. what can be better than that? no waiting in the queue, getting late for a restaurant booking, arrange to babysit etc.
  • Rejuvenating
    it’s refreshing for both of you.
  • No distractions
  • Explore your creativity
  • No Inhibitions